For me, presenting in front of people is always a bit terrifying!  Having Missy with me made it a lot easier and I was, for the first time ever, not nervous like I usually am.  We were confident in our presentation, had twenty minutes to get the idea across to inspire people to want to jump in and do the 20% Project.  We had a good crowd and answered a few questions afterwards.  It was wonderful to be so supported by our peers from Hewes MS, Ladera Elementary and Pioneer MS.

We presented in the Exhbit Hall.  It was quite loud but the microphone and speakers provided worked well so our audience could hear all we had to share.

Here’s a link to the folder with the 20% Project documents we shared at the conference in case you are interested in doing the project too.  🙂  Please contact me if you have any questions!!!




On Friday, March 18th, I will be presenting at the National CUE Conference in Palm Springs.  I will be talking about the 20% Project and sharing my experiences over the last two years.  My best friend and co-conspirator will be presenting with me and also talking about her adventures with the 20% Project.  We are excited to share our knowledge with everyone who swings by to see us in the Exhibit Hall at 3:30 pm.  If you attended our session, here are our documents so that you can access them and utilize them.  Just remember you will need to “make a copy” to edit them to your liking.  A huge thank you to Kate Petty (Trabuco Hills High School) who gave us permission to use her documents (from when we saw her at CUE two years ago).  We adapted them and now pass them on to you all!  Hope to see you Friday if you are at the conference! 🙂

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