PBL Big Feudal People

It’s that time of year again when the “big people” appear all over the classroom…along with the mess that materializes with the creation of them.  LOL!  The students have all chosen their Feudal System area of expertise and have written their paragraphs.  They will share their learning with their peers once the big people are finished!  Getting the students involved in teaching the others makes the information sink in more and that’s what we want!  Not only that, it is an experience they will remember!!!

The creativity that the students have with their writing and their artistry always amazes me.  As a teacher, you get to know your students a wee bit in the short time each day that you have, but then they will bust out a skill you had no idea they posessed.  I love it!!!  It helps you get to know them even better!  I asked the students to weave the information that they found during research into a story so it was a little more entertaining to read than facts dryly presented in a paragraph.  Boy, did they run with it!  I have new kindgoms that never existed and they have placed their “characters” into scenarios to teach their peers about life as a noble or a peasant.

Our Knight at the Museum event is taking place on February 17th at Hewes Middle School.  We are going to be jumping into the rest of the PBL experience as the weeks progress.  If you would like to see their projects, please join us that evening…I will be sure to post more detailed information about times as we get closer!  I will also be sharing pictures and more stories about their experience and my experience as their teacher.

Have a jolly day!!!!!


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