Week 2’s Adventure










Zanai and Natalie

This week was quite the adventure!  The students are getting into the swing of their projects and having lots of fun while learning incredible amounts about themselves and their learning.

In my first class of the day, I had students outside playing lacrosse.  One student, Joseph, wanted to learn and another student, Isaiah, wanted to teach the game, so it was a match made in heaven.  I did not get any pictures or video of them today, but I will next week.  Some of my students have chosen project activities where they are practicing outside of class and then recording their weeks’ experience when they have project time on Fridays.  Ty and Ben are creating their own version of Yelp and are going to be rating Mexican restaurants in our area.  Today they researched free website-making applications, chose an application and then started designing their website.  They had the brilliant idea of including their blog links so that people could see their progress in the project in addition to their food information! 🙂  Totally brilliant!!!  Another set of students, Kyle and Marcos, have chosen to do a coat fundraiser and donate their collection to One Warm Coat.  Today they focused on trying to make phone calls to find out where they could donate what they collect.

In my second class of the day, I have students, Peyton and Ashley, creating their display board already.  Right now they are working on a “goalie” and goal for their lacrosse statistics information.  They want to teach you how to shoot and the best areas of the goal to hit.  They have statistics from their own team to add to the project.  Alyssa is making dresses for little girls in Africa.  She is going to use pillowcases and convert them.  Today we had to get the sewing machine up and running, so my lessons from my elementary school days were coming back to me!  It was quite the process!  LOL!!!  The other images are of Caroline who is moving a pencil across the desk to test out an application she is using to make a stop-animation movie.  Danny is designing his building in an app, Ella is getting illustrations ready for her How to Draw Designs for Dummies book, and Zanai and Natalie are researching mouth-watering recipes.  They are going to create a recipe book in addition to actually making the food.

One of my students, Jayden, determined that he was struggling too much with his project, so he is going to stay with the bird theme and learn how to draw them instead.  He researched to find the steps to drawing an eagle.  I am glad he made the adjustment.

Many students are in the research and learning phase of their projects so I will need to be sure to guide them to start thinking about how they are going to present what they have learned during our 20% Time = 100% Creativity night on Wednesday, June 3rd. 🙂


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