PBL…Mission Accomplished!

So my first foray into PBL (Project Based Learning) was a success.  We had a “Knight at the Museum” where all of the students brought their parents to share their learning.  On top of the tour that the students gave, the parents had to answer quiz questions.  This meant that the students had to be the teachers and not only share their projects but their peers’ projects.

Superintendent Franklin popped in to check it all out the morning of our museum event as he couldn’t attend that evening.  It was an awesome surprise and I really appreciated his support and enthusiasm for all of our hard work.  Mr. Vicario from the OC Department of Ed also came that evening and was very complimentary of the students’ projects.

Out of my seventy-nine students I had fifty-three attend which was a wonderful turnout.  Parents got to see tri-fold presentations (one even had a hole cut in it for an iPad to fit through and show a video and two of them had flashing lights), Tweets from the Crusades, infographics on the Black Death (made on Piktochart), large people-sized feudal characters, and food samples of Medieval fare were distributed with the cookbook that was created.  Not only did we have wall-to-wall visitors in the multi-purpose room, we had the computer lab open for parents to check out videos, Canvas, Flowboards and Prezis that the students had made and then posted on Haiku.  The feedback from the parents was awesome!  They had a great time and were all really proud of their students and their dedication to learning the content and then teaching guests that night.

I will be sure to post some pictures from the evening.


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