When a student is absent they always return to school with the question, “What did I miss?”  This then requires my memory to kick into gear and actually work!  I have a hard time remembering what we do from one day to the next as the days are so incredibly busy.

Yesterday one of my students was out sick.  He had been out earlier in the week, came back for a day and then was out again.  At one point I had mentioned to him that the next time he was absent, we could Skype him in to class.  So, yesterday I got an email from Caleb asking if we could try it.  So we did!!!  I sent him my screen name and he made contact.

When all the students arrived, I video called Caleb and he was “in class” to hear the chapter of the novel being read, instructions for a project given, and he could collaborate with his partner for the Middle Ages museum exhibit project!  How cool is that????? 🙂


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