The Children Have Arrived

I can already tell it is going to be a fantastic year.  I have two core classes and a technology class.  It is a bit of a challenge at the moment as I am travelling between two locations (on opposite sides of the campus), but this will all change when the students have their iPads and then we will only make occassional trips to the lab to work on something if it requires a desktop computer.  Until the iPads are distributed…note to self…wear more comfortable shoes! LOL! 🙂

The students make me laugh.  One of their first assignments is to send me a selfie with their name on it.  There are two purposes behind this assignment.  One is so I get their picture with their name on it so I can learn who they are faster.  The other is so I can print them and put them up on the wall in the classroom to create a family atmosphere.  I received a selfie today in my email that made me laugh out loud.  This student had used the special effects on their face and it was all squished and goofy looking.  Their personalities are really shining through in the way they choose to represent themselves and it is exciting to see.  This is what makes me say it is going to be a fantastic year.


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