A New Year Begins

A new year is upon us…September 3rd is the first day of school and I am rather excited to begin another year with the dreaded teenager! LOL!

I have been working slowly over the last week to prepare for the invasion and I am glad I have done so.  It is always nice to take the time to think about things from last year and how things will be different this year…to improve the quality of the lessons so the kids get the best experience possible.  It has also been great to ease in slowly as I have started my Masters in Educational Technology and there is homework involved, so I can really put myself in my students’ shoes and share that experience with them.  I will need to be on top of my time and work wisely!

This year will be a little different than last year.  As a Digital Learning Coach, in addition to being in my own classroom for two periods of the day, I was in other classrooms and at other school sites, but this year I am just staying at my school site and will be back in the classroom 100% of the time.  I am thrilled that I have been given a new opportunity of designing a class on the elective wheel.  All sixth graders will take my class in technology and research.  I will be able to build their foundation of skills to help them be successful in middle school and beyond.  I will be teaching them Google Docs, Haiku, MLA Format and word processing skills, research, citing sources, typing (without looking at the keys!), iPads and apps, and helping them access their grades through Aeries.net.  I am sure there will be many changes and additions to this as I go through it for the first eight weeks before getting a new crop of sixth graders.  It is going to be, as Tony the Tiger says, GRRRRRReat!!!

To all the teachers out there…I hope you have a fabulous year!!!


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