Ah.Mazing! What a Night!

The Pitch Night Event was AH.MAZING!!!!!  The kids were phenomenal in sharing all they had learned (and sounding so professional), the parents were so proud and their teacher was beyond proud!  I confess to tearing up a little at one point because I was just bursting! 🙂

Not only were the parents here, but we had board members, the superintendent, school staff, and other community members who had received our flier.  I had a former student’s little brother see the flier at his school and he insisted on coming so he could see me and Mrs. Ash-Bala (his big brother also had her for a teacher).  How sweet was that?  The positive feedback from everyone was fantastic and just makes me want to do it even more next year.  I really appreciate everyone that came out to support the event.  Thank you!!!!

My mum was planning on coming to the event by herself as my dad had to work.  To my surprise, when I went to let them in the gate for their special parking spot, my dad was there too!  He had switched his shift so he could be there.  How awesome are my parents?!  They are so supportive!!!

The students were great at getting all the tables set up.  Turns out they were not all utilized, but that is good information for next time.  It took us about forty-five minutes to get them all in position (with nineteen kids working hard) and with Mrs. Ash-Bala’s kids, at the end, about fifteen minutes to break it all down and clear up! 🙂  Of course there were over 100 kids at that point and a few parents pitched in also.

The food truck choices were a HIT!  What great food we had…the Grilled Cheese with macaroni, pulled pork and caramelized onions did not disappoint!!!  We will definitely utilize them again for a future event!

I have to share a prank that the school librarian and vice-principal played on me.  This week was iPad collection week, so I was in the library helping to scan iPads in when the students returned them.  I had already talked to the office to follow-up on the table delivery as they hadn’t yet arrived near lunch time.  The VP called the library and all I heard was the librarian saying, “The tables aren’t coming? What are they going to do?”  I am sure I had a look of stark terror on my face.  I took the phone and said, “Please tell me you are joking!” and the VP cracked up!  So not funny!  LOL!!!!!  The tables arrived within an hour, thank goodness. 🙂

I will be posting pictures from the event in another post – hopefully this weekend – so you can see how it all looked.

Again…thank you to all who came out!  It was a phenomenal evening and you helped make it happen!



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