Tonight’s the Night!

Tonight is the night the kids will present their projects to the community.  The students had some time earlier today to work on their projects in class.  Lots of activity was going on – posters being made, tablecloths being decorated, final touches to Prezis, etc…  It was quite the hustle and bustle.

During the time, one of the students in another group suggested to the Save the Sea Turtles group that they put their tubs on all of the different tables so they could possibly raise more money!  What a cool idea and the girls loved it.  So much collaboration going on…I love it!!!

This afternoon, just over half of the students stayed with me and we are just about to go and set up the tables.  We got fifty tables delivered from the high school and we have twenty of our own.  We should be good to go!

After we set up the tables, we will come back to the room to cool down and gather our belongings before we head out to set up, get the food trucks in place, and welcome the community!!!

I am just so proud…can’t stress that enough!  These kids faced some adversity and came up with alternate ideas to make things all work out!

Can’t wait to see them all in action!!!!  Hope to see you here tonight…if you are in the area!


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