The Glitter Came Out

Today the students were busy creating posters and displays for their presentation at the Pitch Event on Wednesday night.  They found the glitter!  LOL!!!  So much fun!!!

I have seen some very impressive presentations that the students will be sharing on their iPads or laptops.  They are utilizing Google Docs, Popplet, Prezi, Phoster, etc.  In Google Docs, students are creating links using QR codes so guests can read their stories or blogs on their own devices.  In Phoster, students are creating a book cover for their novel and fliers to advertise their craft class. The graphics they created in Phoster were then reduced in size a wee bit (with a little help from me) and then printed after inserting it into a Google Doc.  In Popplet we have massive maps of the gods from yesteryear.  Prezi is helping the students share their knowledge – things they have learned about gods and prosthetics – which guests will look at on presentation night.

I know pictures are being taken to document the process and those are going to be added to posters and trifolds that will be on display.

We are just a few days away!  Excitement is building!




An update on the progress for the evening – my 20% Project:  Tables have been ordered from our neighbouring high school as we don’t have enough and need to borrow just a few more.  Permission slips are going to be generated for the students so that we are all nice and legal when the students stay after school to prepare for the evening.  As there is quite a chunk of time, they can also do homework and eat their dinner as well as any final preparations for their project.  Attendance sheets need to be printed so that students will check in with us (so we know exactly who is on campus) and then parents will sign them out (so we know they have been safely collected to go home).

I prepared the tickets for the children that had pre-ordered food and distributed those.  I had six students order food and Missy had three students.  That brought in a nice wee chunk of money – over $100 – so we are 1/7 of our way to the $700 that we need to earn on the truck before they will start donating money back to us. 🙂

My fabulous parent volunteer came in on Tuesday and copied about 3000 fliers that were sent out to the elementary schools that feed my school and the elementary schools that feed Missy’s school.  They were sent out that day and should have arrived at the elementaries on Wednesday for distribution today in the student Friday folders.  Fingers crossed that they made it home to the families and it will generate more visitors to our campus!

On Tuesday afternoon, Missy came over to my school and we discussed where we could put the tables and how we wanted them configured.  We also did a little measuring to see how many we can fit in each area.  I will be sure to take pictures so I can post how it all looks when it is set up on the night.

Alrighty…I think that is enough for today and I will be sure to write next week so you can share in how it all went down! 🙂


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