Week Five…It’s Almost Over!

I can’t believe this ride is almost over!  The kids are continuing to do fabulously and I really am just so proud of them.

I have been guiding them a little bit as I think they need that guidance.  I have been reminding them to start thinking about exactly what information they are going to share at the Pitch Event and what they are going to have on their table (posters, displays, decoration, etc.)  They were really engaged today as they were working and I know that this event is going to be fabulous.

The student that has been learning how to decorate cupcakes brought me some last night!  They were fabulous!!!  The decorations looked really great and I can tell that she has come a long way in her project.  Another student attempted to use the app I found for her to make her graph, but after playing with it together we were stumped as to how to enter the information correctly so it would represent her running times for her miles.  Because of this, she has resorted to good old paper and pencil.  🙂  I spoke with my boys that are doing the food review project and I am, thankfully, no longer fuzzy.  They have their plan to go out and eat and write reviews.  Today they were coming up with the items they would mention in each of their reviews…ambiance of restaurant, food presentation, taste, service, etc…  Sounds like they are on track!  I am eager to see where they choose to publish their findings.  Things are chugging along nicely.

An update on my 20% Project:  Last night at Open House we had three different food trucks than the ones coming to our event, but it was super helpful to see how much space they took up.  The original plan was to have the trucks on the blacktop and put the tables in the big open quad area in front of our outdoor stage.  However, after talking to my principal, our fearless leader, she suggested that we put the food trucks in the same place as last night and then put the tables up in the other quad area where the grass and trees are.  I think this will be great because between those two set up areas are lunch tables with umbrellas where people can eat their delicious dinners and we will all be in the one place…good flow!

I have managed to get approval for our flier from the district communications manager and he has had his secretary send along the information for each school and how many fliers they need.  This is amazingly helpful as I had already started phoning the schools to get this information…saved me a good half an hour. 🙂  The best parent volunteer in the world is coming in on Tuesday next week to prepare all of that for us and we can pop the fliers in district mail and the secretaries will be able to get them to the teachers for them to put in the Friday Folders (each elementary school does Friday Folders where all the communication goes home at one time and the parents know to look in the folder).  In addition, our communications manager forwarded the information to the local newspaper.  She turned around and started asking more questions to find out about the background of the project.  Hopefully she will write this and we will get additional advertising and more of the community will attend the event!  Super exciting!!! 😀

My students are going to have one more Friday and then they will have the Tuesday the day before the Pitch Night Event and the day of the event to prepare.  I expect they will start feverishly making signs and posters for their display…I expect.  We will see if that happens!  I know they are going to blow my socks off!  Can’t wait!!!

More next week!!!  Happy Friday everyone! 🙂


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