Student Accountability & Remind101

So I have a little confession to make…I am a wee bit frustrated!  The kids are to blog once a week about their progress, etc…and today I checked their submissions and only twenty-two out of thirty-seven kids have done this.  I give them time in class to get started and ask that they have it done and submitted for publishing by the time they go to bed on Friday.  This is to prevent any weekend homework because I don’t want them to have that…unless they impose it upon themselves because they choose to work on their 20% Project (which some of them are doing).  I have spoken to them about getting their reflections done as it is a record for them that they will utilize when they do their final reflection to present to the class.  I don’t want them to struggle at the end to remember the six weeks.  I need to come up with a plan to make sure they get it done!  Hmmmmm…I shall ponder this!

Their blogs, the ones that are being done, are really good.  I think that they will find them useful to help with their final reflection.  The kids are learning to make adjustments and really plan their next steps and I think this is huge for them!  It is a life skill that they will need forever!  I left comments on all the students’ posts and then texted them via Remind101 to let them know to look at their comments.  More on Remind101 in just a minute!  The majority of the students are really enjoying their projects and it is so very cool to see their personalities and passions shine in this way.  There is one student who is not too happy at the moment so I will need to check in with him and make sure that I help him and his group get themselves to a point where they have an ultimate end goal and how they will get there.  I am a little fuzzy on what they are doing exactly as they just changed their idea due to an injury of one of the members of the group.  Definitely need to check in with them.  I have a feeling the student who is not as happy with the project joined the group to be with his buddies but wasn’t super passionate about their idea…I shall have to see!  He also believes that it is a high school project.  I think this is because the only evidence of any other students doing this (on the web) is that of HS students.  I commented on his blog that students from all grade levels including elementary school are doing these projects too…just adapted to fit their age. 🙂

Before I talk about Remind101 I have a little update on my 20% Project: I have the flier that we want to send out to all the students at our middle schools, in addition to the surrounding elementary schools, in to the DO for approval from our Communications Manager.  I hope to hear back from him tomorrow or Tuesday.  I might have to chase him down a little as I want to get these fliers out in plenty of time and so I need to hear back from him soon!  My teacher partner and I are planning on an afternoon at my site to measure it out to see how we will place the tables for the evening event and where the trucks will be able to park.  We are thinking we will have the students in the quad with their tables and the trucks on the blacktop.  We shall see how it all shakes out when we get together to mull it over!  More on that later!!!

Alrighty – Remind101!  Best. Invention. Ever!  This is a texting service that is web based and also has an app.  You sign up, they give you a phone number and you have the students use their device to text the number with the magic code to register.  This adds them to your list and you can send a whole class text or a text to a group of three or more individuals.  Parents can also sign up to receive the texts which is great – they see what their kids are receiving.  Because I am also the advisor to a club, I have those students sign up too.  For each group you create it gives you a different code for the students to input when they text to join.  Another reason to love this service…they can’t text you back!  Check it out!!!


4 thoughts on “Student Accountability & Remind101

    • Really do love the service! Was talking to ASB advisor today about how we could use it to communicate with the whole school. Have kids register by grade level to the ASB messages and then send them links to our new School News videos, info about spirit days, etc! 🙂 We are going to keep talking about this!!! Yay!!!

  1. That’s so great to hear! Those are all wonderful ideas. Feel free to comment on our blog – we’re sharing strategies for the classroom and school communication: We’d also love to get a Remind t-shirt your way if you’d like. Go ahead and contact us: Happy summer!

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