Week Three Has Come and Gone

The 20% Project machine is chugging along nicely!  The kids are doing amazingly and I love reading their blog posts.  I just finished reading their Week 3 musings yesterday and I am so impressed.  They are making those tough choices, making changes where necessary and learning so much about their subjects and themselves in the process.  The best part…”I am enjoying this project more than I thought I would.”  My skeptics are turning the corner and starting to enjoy the process too!  You can’t beat that!!!

I have decided to take on a 20% Project of my own.  It is putting together our Pitch Event Evening.  I would love to have the kids involved in this part and maybe that is something I can work on for next year.  But for right now, I have the steering wheel on this.  Food trucks have been booked and they have agreed to donate a portion of their earnings to us so we can share the money between students who are doing projects that are raising funds for good causes.  Fliers have been made to pre-order food items for the students that will be presenting and their families.  An invitation has been created to send out to the community – I hope they will join us! 🙂  Good food and awesome presentations by my students and my best friend’s students…can’t go wrong with that for an evening out!  I have a few more things to accomplish on my list, but I know it will all come together and I am getting more and more excited for this event the closer it gets.

Speaking of good food…we have some deliciousness coming to our school for that evening event…The Grilled Cheese Truck, The BaconMania Truck, and Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice Truck! YUM!!!!!!!  Check out their websites…links below!

Image  Image   Image

BaconMANia’s Website

The Grilled Cheese Truck’s Website

Mustache Mike’s Website

I know I said last week that I was going to collect the students planning papers to see what their process was, but I completely forgot.  I should probably read my previous posts so I know where I left off and do what I said I was going to do!!!  I am as bad as the kids! LOL!  However, upon reflection about that over the past few days, I have decided that they need that paper as it is part of their process and I feel good about checking in with them and knowing where they are by having those personal chats.

I had to touch base with one of my groups today as a member of that group has broken his hand.  I knew they were planning on doing physical tests as part of their experience of eating bad foods and recording results of those physical tests.  I want all of them to have an equal experience in this, so have asked them to rethink some aspects of their project.  I know they really want to eat…so I am sure they will come up with another plan around that so that all three of them can by fully involved.

This Friday I will be checking in again with the students and see where they are in their process.  I also need to remind them of how much time they have left to work so they keep that in mind as they get closer to the Pitch Event!

More next week!  Thanks for reading!!!


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