My best friend, who is doing this project with her students at her school, got the kids into their blogging last Friday.  It was the first time so she had them put in the magical code so they could join her class.  Then they started typing away and logging their thoughts and feelings, accomplishments, struggles and plans for the next time.  So awesome!

I love using Kidblog with my students as it is quite user friendly and they are able to navigate it quite easily.  I also love it because all posts and comments MUST be approved by the teacher before they can be live for the readers of the world!  For a mere $5 a month (cheaper if you pay for the whole year at once), more students can blog and more blogs can be written as you are provided with more server space.  Also, students can choose their own theme to make their page more theirs.  Here’s a link that gives you the breakdown for the pricing.

The code that I referred to above is genius.  Once you have created your class, you go to your settings, get the magical code and when the students want to create their account, they just put that in after they click on the “Students” button.  They are automatically connected to you and your class blog without any hassle.  Of course, they need to create their screen name (I encourage nicknames or just first names only for security) and choose a password that they will remember.  Kidblog is also linked with Google, so if your school uses Google they can create their profile with that.  We do have accounts with Google here in my district, but I like that they get to choose their screen nickname and/or just put in their first name. 🙂

Get out there and write and have your students write!  Happy blogging!



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