Kids At Work: Week #2

Kids At Work: Week #2

The students are in the thick of it and working hard on their 20% Projects. So many wonderful ideas and awesome collaboration happening. I took some pictures today of the kids diligently working: YouTube tutorials being watched to learn from – sign language, how to build muscle to sustain a handstand, and prosthetics moving with the use of electromagnetic pulses from the brain. Calligraphy practicing was happening. Fliers were being created to advertise an art camp for special needs students at a church. Popplets of mythical gods’ family trees being made. And soooo much more!!!! They are truly engaged in what they are doing and this thrills me beyond belief!

One of my teams is attempting to contact their philanthropic company choice to see how the money they raise will be utilized. I hope they hear back from them soon. They did include in their email how much they love the work the organization is doing, that they will be raising money to help the sea turtles and that they are on a deadline…so fingers crossed for a reply.

I had to remind my students that they need to plan their weeks so they have an idea of what they are going to accomplish each week. As I wandered around to check in, the majority of the students had done this. I kept reminding them it was a fluid plan and that things can be changed, but they need to think things through so they have their end goal in mind and how they are going to reach it. My plan for next week is to collect their packets and see exactly what they have written as I have only glanced at snippets. That way I can address any needs that I see within their planning packets. This thought occurred to me as I sit in my fellow 20% Project partner’s classroom because she is collecting their papers right now. Very good thinking on her part! 🙂

I also need to remember to emphasize that the community will be invited to their pitch evening so they need some sort of presentation to put on their table to share with our guests. I will also do this next week.

Last week was the first week that the students blogged their progress. I gave them a rubric to guide them in my expectations for their weekly posts. Their writing should take them about ten minutes as it is a brain dump of what happened during their work time, any changes they had to make and any struggles they faced. I also hope they share how they are feeling about this project. Their requirement was to have it complete by their bed time. I got the funniest email asking “What if I don’t go to bed until Sunday?” My response was that he had to email me on the hour every hour until he went to bed. Anyway…the point of me bringing this up is that about twenty of the students had it complete at some point over the weekend. The rest had to be reminded on Monday. This hopefully will not happen again today and they will get it all done. An adjustment I made was that I reminded them at the beginning of their work time and I told them that I would warn them when they had ten minutes left so they could at least get their blog started before they left class. We shall see if this helps with a higher percentage of completion on the day it is due. 🙂

Thanks for reading…more next week!


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