Minor Changes and Additions

So the kids are working diligently on their projects even outside of class.  There are a few teams of two and three and they are figuring out times to meet outside of class so they can continue to work on their project.  I love it!!! Lots of thinking going on which makes me happy! 🙂

I had a student who was absent and I was finally able to get her project idea.  She wants to learn how to decorate cupcakes.  She loves cupcakes and has a few mentors in mind who can support her in this.  I hope she brings in some samples!!! 🙂

Another students has been questioning her subject choice and asked if she could change it today.  She has been waffling back and forth between a few ideas and I know that it has been frustrating her.  This is OK as that is all part of the process of finding your passion.  And it is not a problem to change the subject as we have really just begun the process and she has plenty of time to reach her goal.  She was going to run a baton camp for kids, but determined that she would like to learn how to write calligraphy instead.  Sounds like a fabulous idea to me!  It is such beautiful writing and I know it requires a lot of skill and patience.  I look forward to seeing how she accomplishes her goal.

More soon! Thanks for reading! 🙂


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