First 20% Work Day

Today was the students’ very first day to work on their project.  It was a fabulous hour!  Loved it!

One of the groups decided to change their project and instead of dog sitting to raise money they are going to do a recycling drive here at school.  The money will still be donated to the Leukemia Society.

Other groups or individuals realized that their project was much too large and had to pare it down just a wee bit to make it something they could manage.  I think it is great that they recognized this and have already made that modification.

At the very beginning of the hour I gave them the planning packet.  I went over all the dates that they would have to work and they wrote those down on the packet.  I also told them it was on the Haiku page which I made public to them today – they can get the file, pull it into Drive and make their own copy to edit.  I told them they needed to take time to plan and then they could work.  I think about half of them jumped right in to the work…love the enthusiasm but I had to reign them in and refocus them to planning first so they knew what their goal was and how they would achieve it.

It was a very busy hour.  Lots of talking and ideas being shared.  As we say in the homeland…Fandabidozie!!!  I love hearing them communicate and bounce those ideas off of one another.

I am pretty confident from walking around and talking to them that they all had their plan complete or almost complete by the end of the hour.

They have until their bedtime on Fridays to complete their blog to reflect on how their 20% time went – that is their homework.  Even if they are working in a group they must reflect individually each week.  I am eager to see how they feel about all of this and how things are going from their perspective.  Their blogs can be found here at Kidblog.  I will be approving their blogs over the weekend and they will be published by the following Monday for public reading! 🙂

Until next time! 🙂


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