Project Ideas…So Impressed!

Today I got to hear their ideas and I am so very impressed!  Here’s what they shared with me:

Develop a Crafting Camp for children with special needs.

Compare and contrast different types of basketball shoes to determine the best kind to buy.

Raise funds by developing a website to generate money donations and give funds to an orphanage.

Google Maps for a grocery store app that would help you determine your route around the shop and show you bargain prices based on your shopping list.

Fundraise to donate money to support the endangered sea turtles in South America.

Work with an organization that rescues abandoned horses and develop a camp for special needs children to get them riding.

Training for a half marathon.

Develop a baton camp for children.

Research restaurants and develop lists for healthy food choices by restaurant.

Writing a fictional story.

Learning more about mythology.

Learning American Sign Language.

History Mash-up Game which would include other curriculum and be an app.

Skin cancer awareness program.

Start a dog sitting business to generate money to donate to the Leukemia Society.

Write a book.

Sustain a handstand for ten seconds, because he can’t do one at all. 🙂

Researching and teaching others about electromagnetic pulses that control movement in prosthetic limbs.

So excited for the next few weeks.  They will be working on their plan tomorrow and I will be meeting with them after they have completed their plans so we can discuss and I can offer my support as they go on this new journey!


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