Wrapping My Head Around the Process

After visiting the CUE Conference in March of 2014, my head was spinning.  I had just spent an hour hearing about the 20% Project and I was jazzed and raring to go!  Kate Petty (http://www.thetechclassroom.com/home-1) was an engaging speaker and her enthusiasm for the 20% project she has been doing with her students captured me.  Since that date, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how I could do this with my seventh grade students.  I went through all of her information and papers that she provided for her students, printed them out, wrote all over them, looked at the calendar, and started to wrap my head around it all.

I am a digital coach, one of thirteen, for the school district I work for and one of my fellows (a teacher I coach and support at a different school site) was in the seminar with me.  She is as equally excited as I am.  We have been discussing a joint “pitch” event.  My principal was also in the seminar and is extremely supportive of my trying this out for the very first time.  She is 100% behind a joint pitch event with our two schools.  My fellow’s principal is also on board.  Wahoo!!!

Two weekends ago I spent some time making a few edits to Kate Petty’s provided papers so that they would work for my seventh grade students.  95% of them have remained the same as Ms. Petty’s.  I have shared these documents will my fellow and will share them in a future post.  Last weekend I spent time getting the dates and the time set into my plan book.  In addition to the 20% time that my students need in order to work, the project needs introduction, they need some classtime to learn about presentation styles, how to ask a strong question/idea to create a project that will sustain them for six weeks, and time to blog (http://kidblog.org/MissMoffat/) their successes , failures and modifications – I want them to reflect on their process.

I cannot wait to see how this all plays out…and I will be blogging my successes, failures, and modifications here.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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